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The new IT500i Battery has the Legendary Toughness of INVATUBULAR 500 Battery with a ‘Sixth Sense’ – built in Electronic Sensor thus making it a Truly ‘Intellisense’ Battery.

The Battery has a LED display unit on top which indicates the ‘State-of-Charge’ while in Charging mode and indicates ‘Available Back-up’ time while it delivers current during power interruption. It gives Alert when the Battery is undergoing through Excessive Discharge or Excessive Over-Charge. The LED display unit also cautions on the Back-Up Time available so that accordingly one can reduce the load of Non-Essential Electrical Appliances for enjoying more Back-Up Time and Comfort.

IT500i Battery also have an Infrared (IR) Device, through which Field Service Technicians can extract data on the performance of the Battery and if required, a Print out of the same can be taken instantly.
Advantage of Intellisense
During Power Interruption, LED Display will give alert on the Back-Up Time left, so that accordingly one can Switch Off the Non-essential Fans and Lights to avail more Back-Up. The LED Display unit is given in below Charts,
Major Indicators
1. During Charging the Battery through Inverter, the LED Display unit will indicate the ‘State-of-Charge’ and during Discharge the LED Display unit will indicate Available ‘Back-Up Time’.
2. During Charging of Battery, the LED Display bars will start Travelling Upward intermittently.
3. During Discharging of Battery the LED Display bars will start Reducing Downward.
4. During Charging the Battery through Inverter if the Intermittent Travelling of LED Display Light stops and all the LED glows statically then it indicated that the Battery is Fully Charged and can now Render 100% Desired Back-Up Duration against Recommended Load.
5. During Discharging the Battery through Inverter, No. of glowing LEDs will indicate Available ‘Back-Up Time’ depending upon the Appliances connected.
Caution :-

During Topping Up with Battery Grade Distilled Water, please take Precaution so that the Water does not Spill over on LED Display unit and IR port.
Ironclad® Tubular Technology Resistance to abuse
Electrolyte level indicator Tower type design
High Acid volume per ampere hour Common Side Venting
Deep cycle design Conforms to IS 13369-1992
Very long life Can withstand overcharge better
User friendly Occupies less floor space, totally new look
Acid volume per ampere hour is 30% more than that of ordinary tubular batteries. It acts as a coolant and also ensures very low maintenance Less pollution, environment friendly
Suited for use in areas of frequent power cuts (800 to 1000 cycles of deep discharge as against 300/400 cycles of other batteries) Ensures consistent quality
Inverters and Home UPS for long and Frequent Power Interruptions.
Technical Specification


Capacity at 270C when discharged at C20 up to 1.75 vpc (1.280 sp. gr)

Dimension (+/-3mm)

(Kg +/-5%)

Volume of Electrolyte
(1.220 Sp. Gr) Liters

Initial charge Minimum AH input (AH)

Initial Charge of Constant Current (A)

Constant Potential Limiting Current (Amps)

Trickle Charge
(Current in mA)





Start (upto 2.36 vpc) Finish (upto 2.75 vpc)


IT 500i

150 Ah













Higher Discharge Rates (Optional)













Initial Charging Information
1. Filling in Specific Gravity 1.220 +/ - 0..005 at 27º C
2. Rest Period 10-12 hrs
3. Minimum Ah input 540 Ah
4. In order to reduce the charging time , the following routine may be adopted. For IT500i, the initial charging current may be 14.4A upto 2.36vpc followed By 7.2A upto 2.75 vpc.

However in both cases, minimum Ah to be given. Under the circumstances, Battery temperature should not exceed 50ºC. In case the temperature exceeds 50ºC Adequate rest to be given till the electrolyte temp. comes to ambient temp. and charging to be continued.
5. Conditions of fully charged
3 consecutive hourly readings of specific gravity and voltage become constant.
Top of charge voltage will e around 16.2V – 16.5V.
All cells should gas freely.
Minimum Ah has been given.
6. Specified gravity of fully charged condition 1.250 +/ - 0.005 at 27º

Normal Recharging Instruction
Recharging through Inverter at constant potential mode of 14.4V with limited current as specified. After battery potential matches 14.4V, the battery should continue in trickle charge made at constant potential of 13.8V.
Statutory Notice
All batteries contain lead, which is harmful for humans and environment. As per statutory requirements, the used battery must be returned to the authorized dealer, manufacturer or at the designated collection centres.



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